Knitting Expat Podcast – Episode 90 – 90 Pairs of Socks & Other 2016 Stats!

Hello everyone … welcome to the 90th episode of the Knitting Expat Podcast … this has become such a wonderful way for me to get more involved with the online knitting community and I’ve been loving it so far … so please do get in touch … I’d love to hear from you … so far I’ve been loving the interaction with other knitters from around the world that this new avenue has opened up to me … come join the fun …

Here is this weeks episode …

Things I talked about …


Hi my name is Mina, I currently live in New York City with my Husband and 2 cats, we lived in Dubai and then Bahrain up until recently and before that we were in London UK. You can learn more in the ABOUT ME section, otherwise if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a message on Ravelry/Instagram.

You can find me on RAVELRYINSTAGRAM … and my LIFE BLOG … and of course YOUTUBE

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2016 STATS:

  • 57,957m Knit – almost 58km (last year was 49,698m)
  • 17,301 grams – 17.3kg yarn knit
  • 275 skeins used
  • 178 completed projects (last year was 123)
    • Socks 90 (last year 40)
    • Hats 15 (last year 21)
    • Cowls 6 (last year 7)
    • Shawls 19 (last year 29)
    • Adult Garments 6 (last year 10)
    • Baby Knits 33 (last year 4)
    • Miscelaneous 8 (last year 12)
    • Sock Yarn Blanket – 94 squares added to finish – 1
    • 17 pin wheel blocks
  • Last year I published 10 patterns and had two more almost ready to publish, this year I published 24 self published patterns this year with two more in Rib Magazine plus I have another almost 10 patterns I’m currently working on writing up/getting tested/ edited/ varying stages of almost ready to publish.
  • Last years goals
    • Knit 50 pairs of socks
      • And then some!
    • Keep Designing – including children and colourwork patterns
      • Yes I did … and I do have some colourwork and childrens patterns in the works at the moment – if it wasn’t for the move I probably would have had them done this year.
    • Knit at least 6 adult garments – one to include stranded colourwork and steeking
      • Yes to 6 adult garments but didn’t get to the colourwork or steeking but I did do both on baby garments
    • Sew a quilt
      • Yes
    • Sew more clothes for myself
      • No but getting pregnant, & moving kind of got in the way of that one this year
    • Collaborations with other in the community
      • Yes both with dyers and friends for KAL’s and Rib Mag
    • Keep on top of KAL’s
      • Nope – realised I just don’t work that way
    • Keep on top of Rav Projects
      • Nope – kind of managed to up to the start of summer then gave up
    • Knit more than I purchase
      • Yes I did that – I now have 22 skeins less in my stash than I did at the end of last year – which considering how much yarn came into my stash this year I was pretty surprised I managed it

Goals for 2017

Just keep knitting, Designing and having fun … not setting any hard and fast rules or goals for next year since I know having a baby is going to throw things off for a while and I don’t know what that will mean for my knitting necessarily.

It would be nice to be able to keep on top of my stash and knit it down a bit more next year as well but we will see.

I don’t think my knitting output is going to be anywhere near as productive as it has been this year or even last year … again I’m sure the baby is going to slow down my knitting a lot which is totally fine and I’ve always said I feel very fortunate that I have had such a large amount of free time to spend knitting/designing etc these last couple years and I always knew that it wouldn’t last forever.


  1. Happy Pills Sport socks – 2.5mm (US1.5) own vanilla pattern with 56sts – Oh Loops Sport Sock base in Happy Pills self striping yarn
  2. NewBorn Peacock Vertebrae – 3.25mm & 2.75mm (US 3 & 2) – Newborn Vertebrae pattern by Kelly Brooker – using Verdant Gryphon Bugga yarn in Psychedelic Peacock
  3. My Gift To You Cardigan – 4 & 4.5mm (US6&7) – By Taiga Hillard – Using Malabrigo Rios in Purpuras
  4. Baby Hat – 4 & 4.5mm (US6&7) using texture from Cardigan for hat in same Malabrigo Yarn
  5. Mama Hat – 4 & 4.5mm (US6&7) using texture from Cardigan for hat in same Malabrigo Yarn
  6. Baby Swirl hat – 2.75mm (US2) cant remember designers name – free rav pattern – using Verdant Gryphon Bugga yarn in Psychedelic Peacock
  7. Baby Washcloth – 3.5mm (US4) using a simple slip stitch pattern to make a baby wash cloth – using Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Planetarium
  8. Baby Washcloth – 3.5mm (US4) using a simple Fishermans Rib pattern to make a baby wash cloth – using Knit Picks Comfy Sport in Planetarium


  1. Pinwheel Scrap Blanket – 0 new blocks.
  2. Perry’s Cobblestones – 2.25mm (US1) – Cobblestones pattern by me – Beyond Vanilla Part 1 – Yarn is Nooch Fibre in the Honor Colourway
  3. Christmas Eve Cast on Socks – 2.25mm (US1) – Vanilla sock pattern – Voolenvine Yarns in Deck The Halls on Footsie base

Cozy Shlanket MKAL:

Check out the Chatter Thread HERE for details!

Self Managed Mini Skein Swap:

See details in the THREAD


– Coupon Thread HERE


  • The Salpaca Yarn I showed last week came from The Constant Thread ETSY store
  • Knitters Tool Tin by The Sexy Knitter on ETSY
  • Yarn, Project Bag and Stitch Markets from the Krityum Handmade ETSY store
  • Cumbria Worsted Weight yarn from The Fibre Co bought from Woolyn Yarn store



Yargasm Podcast

Brooklyn Knitfolk Podcast


That is it for this week’s Episode, I hope you enjoyed and if you did please subscribe on Youtube … join the Ravelry group and leave a little comment to say hello and/or to let me know what you think … I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas for the podcast and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have aswell.

Till next time …

Happy Knitting …

Mina X


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