Knitting Expat Podcast – Episode 65 – Pinwheel Scrap Blanket!

Hello everyone … welcome to the 65th episode of the Knitting Expat Podcast … this has become such a wonderful way for me to get more involved with the online knitting community and I’ve been loving it so far … so please do get in touch … I’d love to hear from you … so far I’ve been loving the interaction with other knitters from around the world that this new avenue has opened up to me … come join the fun …

Here is this weeks episode …

Things I talked about …


Hi my name is Mina, I currently live in Bahrain with my Husband and 2 cats, we lived in Dubai up until recently and before that we were in London UK. You can learn more in the ABOUT ME section, otherwise if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a message on Ravelry/Instagram.

You can find me on RAVELRYINSTAGRAM … and my LIFE BLOG … and of course YOUTUBE

I have also created a RAVELRY GROUP for the Knitting Expat Podcast so you can join in the conversation there …

Finally you can find my Project Bags for sale on ETSY


No FO’s this week!


  1. Cozy Memories Blanket – 3mm – 0 squares added to my blanket this week
  2. Pinwheel Scrap Blanket – Design in progress
  3. Design Shawl – 3.75mm (US5) – wool barn silky singles in the Pink Pearl Colourway – designing a shawl for my sister in law’s wedding.
  4. Soubrette – 3.25mm (US3) – Mary Annarella, Drops Lace in grey – lightweight summer cardigan with a very interesting construction
  5. Cobblestone Socks – 2.25mm (US1) – Cobblestones – Socks That Rock Lightweight in the Crazy Lace Agate colourway
  6. Design Socks – 2.25mm (US1) – own design – Swatch This Fibre Arts in the Crenshaw Colourway
  7. Dr Who Vanilla Socks – 2.25mm (US1) – Mina’s Two At A Time Socks –The Yarn Tree Sock in the Vincent & The Dr Colourway – old stash


So as many of us have goals to knit more garments/sweaters this year I thought it would be great fun to have a year long KAL (knit or crochet) for sweaters!

This will be the chatter thread where you can discuss patterns, yarn choices and ask questions etc … I’m hoping that this space will be a supportive community where we can come to for encouragement and advice if and when we need it on our sweater knitting journey!

The general rules for the KAL are as follows:

  • Be a member of the Knitting Expat Podcast Group
  • Cast on 1st Jan 2016 or after
  • Any size or style of sweater can be entered (I will draw the line at sweaters knit for toys/decorations/ornaments though) – cardigans, shirts, short sleeve, etc
  • You can enter each finished garment in a separate post in the finished objects thread
  • The more you knit the more chances you have to win. This is the Chatter thread so you can chatter away and discuss your yarn choices and pattern ideas

The Hashtag I will be using on instagram is #2016sweateralong so feel free to tag your pictures using the same if you would like to join in …

There will be prizes of yarn, project bags, and other goodies yet to be determined. I will draw for prizes from the finished objects thread every three months so at the end of March, June, September and December.


Prizes were announced in this week’s episode.


You can find all the details in the CHATTER THREAD.

From 1st May to 30th June myself and Nicole of the HUE LOCO PODCAST will be co-hosting a KAL for the Budding Bluebells Shawl pattern in this group!

To take part in this KAL all you have to do is to knit the Budding Bluebells Shawl

Budding Bluebells Shawl

Each finished item gets 1 entry in the FO thread. The FO Thread will be hosted over in Nicole’s Group and the chatter thread is here in this group.

You will need to have a project page created and linked to the pattern page in order to be eligible for prizes.

There will be prizes but those are yet to be determined. We will share photos of the prizes once they have been finalised. If you wish to donate a prize to the KAL then please send me a message and we can arrange this.

And as always with my KAL’s you are more than welcome to double/triple/quadruple dip into as many other KAL’s as you like!

The end date for the KAL will be the 30th June 2016.

Also if you do post pictures on instagram please use the hashtag – #buddingbluebellskal so we can see what your are all up to!


From 20th May to 27th June I will be hosting a Beyond Vanilla Socks KAL in this group to coincide with the release of my latest sock pattern collection.

To take part in this KAL all you have to do is to knit a pair of socks using one of the designs from this collection.

Each finished item gets 1 entry in the FO thread.

You will need to be a member of the Ravelry group to be eligible for prizes

There will be prizes shown at the end of the special video I uploaded to introduce the sock patterns.

And as always with my KAL’s you are more than welcome to double/triple/quadruple dip into as many other KAL’s as you like!

The end date for the KAL will be the 27th June 2016.

If you have any questions then please let me know in the CHATTER THREAD.

Also if you do post pictures on instagram please use the hashtag – #BVKAL1 so I can see what your are all up to!


I won a skein of Kats Kettle Yarn to giveaway on the podcast as part of the Podcaster’s Challenge for the Knitting Games and so I thought I would give it away with a very simple prompt – ‘If you won this yarn what would you use it for?’

FullSizeRender (1)Head over to the THREAD to enter to win!


Shop is currently empty. No update is yet scheduled.


Are there any topics in particular that you would like to hear about on the podcast with regards to the Life in the Middle East segment?


– Coupon Code for ETERNITY RANCH KNITS – EXPATSOCKS2016 will get you 15% off your order until 11th June 2016.

– Coupon Code for Debbie’s Ravelry ShopKEP30 gets you 30% off any pattern until 30th June 2016.

– Coupon Code for Packy Knits Design Shop on Etsy – **EXPAT16** gives you 16% off your order until the 30th June

– Coupon Code for East London Knits Ravelry Store – **ELKEXPAT** – gives you 20% off of any individual patterns until 14th June

– Blog Post about RAMADAN

– Article written by London’s new Mayor about fasting.

– Wagamama’s Salad Dressing RECIPE


  • Some lovely Firefly Fibre Arts yarn sent by a viewer




That is it for this week’s Episode, I hope you enjoyed and if you did please subscribe on Youtube … join the Ravelry group and leave a little comment to say hello and/or to let me know what you think … I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas for the podcast and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have aswell.

Till next time …

Happy Knitting …

Mina X


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