Knitting Expat – Episode 32 – The One Where I’m Not Quite Myself …

Hello everyone … welcome to the 32nd episode of the Knitting Expat Podcast … this has become such a wonderful way for me to get more involved with the online knitting community and I’ve been loving it so far … so please do get in touch … I’d love to hear from you … so far I’ve been loving the interaction with other knitters from around the world that this new avenue has opened up to me … come join the fun …

Here is this weeks episode …


Things I talked about …


Hi my name is Mina, I currently live in Bahrain with my Husband and 2 cats, we lived in Dubai up until recently and before that we were in London UK. You can learn more in the ABOUT ME section, otherwise if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a message on Ravelry/Instagram.

You can find me on RAVELRYINSTAGRAM … and my LIFE BLOG … on Periscope as @MINAPHILIPP (I don’t know how to link to that) and now of course YOUTUBE

I have also created a RAVELRY GROUP for the Knitting Expat Podcast so you can join in the conversation there …

Finally you can find my Project Bags for sale on ETSY


  1. DEW DROPS SHAWL – by Bex Hopkins, on 3.75mm (US 5) needles, yarn is Dye For Yarn 100% Tussah Silk lace weight in the Hot Desire Colourway
  2. ZAUBERBALL SOCKS – Socks for my Dad – Plain vanilla socks with FLKH, 2×2 ribbing on the cuff and 2.5mm (US 1.5) needles, using Crazy Zauberball in the Domino Colourway


  1. CITRUS PEEL SOCKS – Socks for Perry, using Uncommon Thread Tough Sock, 80% BFL 20% Nylon, in the Citrus Peel Colourway, 2.5mm (US1.5) needles, 1×1 cuff with FLKH plain vanilla sock
  2. EXPLORATION STATION – by Stephen West – using 4mm (US 6) needles, using Madeline Tosh TML in the Candlewick, Baroque Vintage, Lolita and Tern colourways.
  3. COZY MEMORIES BLANKET – started this using my sock yarn scraps on 3mm (US 3) needles, and I am using the 49 stitch count with a Central Double Decrease …


The winner for this Giveaway was announced again on this episode! You have until the end of October to get in touch with me before I draw for a new winner.


So to finally celebrate the release of all of the patterns for the Vida Collection I will be hosting a rather casual KAL in the group … I know its a busy time of year for knitters with Christmas coming up so I’m going to keep this one quite relaxed.

To take part in this thread all you have to do is to knit one of the three patterns in the collection … Vida HatVida ShawlVida Socks … if you have already started that is fine too … WIPS are welcome!

Rules for entry are as follows:

  1. You have to be a member of the Ravelry group
  2. You have to knit one of the three patterns in the collection.
  3. You will need to enter a finished object (or more)

I will not be having a separate FO thread as I don’t expect this to be a very busy KAL due to the time of year. So all you have to do is post a FO picture in this thread along with all the chatter.

At the end of the KAL I will pull the names of those who post FO’s in the thread and draw from those. The number of entries you get for each pattern is as follows:

  1. Hat – one entry
  2. Socks – one entry
  3. Medium Shawl – two entries
  4. Large Shawl – three entries

The number of entries you get will correspond with the number of skeins of yarn required to knit the pattern making it proportional and fair for all.

There will be prizes but those are yet to be determined. (If you wish to donate a prize for this or any other KAL/Giveaway on my podcast then please send me a message and we can sort it out).

For now the tentative end date for the KAL will be the 31st December, but depending on how popular it is and if people would like more time I may decide to extend the finish date.

If you have any questions then please let me know in the thread below. I will be available for pattern support along the way if you have any questions.

Also if you do post pictures on Instagram please use the hashtag – VIDAKAL so I can see what your are all up to!


I have a questions for you all to answer this week:

1 – I am planning on some pre recorded episodes for while I am travelling … I’ve had some requests from people to talk abit more about some of our past travelling experiences and stuff so I think I may do that on a slightly more chatty episode … so if you have any questions about that then please let me know so I can make sure to answer them for you?

2 – Secondly I also wanted to talk about knitting goals and setting goals in general … I find goal setting works really well for me and I kind of wanted to talk through the process I go through and why I think it works. So I’d be interested to hear what your thoughts are about setting goals (knitting related or otherwise)? Do they work for you or do you feel like its too much pressure?


There won’t be another update for a while.


This week I shared some lovely Patons Kroy that I got from a De-stash from Erin of HollandHandmade and a swap from Sam from Lavender Lune Yarn.


DUNE BUGGY Blog Post for anyone who is interested to see some pictures from that day!


I didn’t really mention many podcasts this week.


That is it for this week’s Episode, I hope you enjoyed and if you did please subscribe on Youtube … join the Ravelry group and leave a little comment to say hello and/or to let me know what you think … I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas for the podcast and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have aswell.

Till next time …

Happy Knitting …

Mina X


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