Knitting Expat Podcast – Episode 1 – Getting Started – Shownotes …

Hello everyone … welcome to the first episode of the Knitting Expat Podcast … I’m hoping for this to be a way for me to get more involved with the online knitting community … so please do get in touch … I’d love to hear from you …

Here is this weeks episode …


Things I talked about …


Hi my name is Mina, I currently live in Bahrain with my Husband and 2 cats, we lived in Dubai up until a month ago and before that we were in London UK. You can learn more in the ABOUT ME section, otherwise if you have any questions please leave a comment or send me a message on Ravelry/Instagram.

You can find me on RAVELRYINSTAGRAM … and my LIFE BLOG … and now of course YOUTUBE


1. CLOUD NINE LOOP – Yarn is the DROPS BABY ALPACA SILK and the pattern is designed by SCHNEKENSTRICK on Ravelry.

2. ANGEL SHAWL – Yarn is the Half Penny Alpaca’s “Emily” (no website unfortunately), and the pattern is from the book LOVELY KNITTED LACE by Brooke Nico.

3. CAMELIA DOLEMAN CARDIGAN – Yarn was a Kid Mohair Blend, and the pattern is also from the book LOVELY KNITTED LACE by Brooke Nico.

4. TRILLIAN – Yarn is DUBAI KNITS fingering yarn in the Seasons Colourway, design is by Martina Behm on Ravelry.

5. TAILWIND – Yarn is the KAMBGARN LOPI Icelandic yarn in shades of Green and Grey, and the pattern is by Clara Falk on Ravelry.

6. EYJAFALLAJOKULL SHAWL – Yarn is the EINBAND LOPI Icelandic Yarn in Grey, Teal and Light Blue shades, and the pattern is by Anna Dalvi on Ravelry.

7. WATERMELON SOCKS – Yarn is by ARTISTIC YARNS BY ABI in the Self Striping Watermelon with Seeds colourway, and the pattern was a free Toe Up Two At A Time recipe by Liat Gat on Ravelry.

8. MAN HAT – Yarn was some mystery Maroon coloured yarn, and the pattern is by Haven Leavitt on Ravelry.


1. TROOPER – Yarn is a DK Merino Blend, and the pattern is by Chritelle Nihoul on Ravelry.

2. STRIPES GONE CRAZY – Yarn is mostly DUBAI KNITS FAITH HOPE & LOVE in the Bridesmaid, Smokey Orchid and Wisterious colourways, and the fourth colour is a Grey DROPS BABY ALPACA SILK yarn, the pattern is by Atelier Alfa on Ravelry.

3. MELISANDRE SOCKS – Yarn is NURTURING FIBRES SOCK WOOL in the Red Velvet Colourway, and the pattern is by Purrlescent on Ravelry.


While I didn’t have any to share this week I did talk about the fact that I had placed an order with KNITPICKS which a friend of ours from the USA is bringing for me when he visits this weekend. So I will be sharing those with you in the next episode.


CAFFEINATED KNITTING – Love watching the interactions between Daniella and Allie on their podcast, and their projects are always fun and interesting to see as well.

YARNGASM PODCAST – Kristen’s or “Voolenvine” podcast is always really exciting to watch, I love the yarns that she dyes up and some of those colourways are just fabulous. I’d love to get my hands on some one of these days. I’m also a massive fan of her sock knitting, its really inspired me to get going with my own sock knitting.

JUNKYARN – Kemper’s podcast is relatively new but it does feel like she’s been doing it for ages, I love her philosophy of knitting what you love and being happy with it. She’s also in the middle of planning her wedding and I love the fact that she is making her own Wedding Sweater for it, such a cute idea.

STITCHED IN SWEDEN – Another relatively new podcast, but I love Maria’s knitting, her fearlessness at altering patterns is inspiring and her colourwork designs are beautiful, I have my eyes on that SODERMALM hat at the moment.


That is it for this week’s Episode, I hope you enjoyed and if you did please subscribe on Youtube and leave a little comment to say hello and/or to let me know what you think … I’d love to hear if you have any suggestions or ideas for the podcast and of course I’d be happy to answer any questions you may have aswell.

Till next time …

Happy Knitting …

Mina X


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